DUE TO COVID-19, Creative Apprenticeship Programs (CAP) for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 have been postponed. Please check out our Virtual Studio offerings. Fill out our Youth Interest Form below for updates on CAP 2020.


The Made in Brownsville Creative Apprentice Program (MiB CAP) is a comprehensive training program that provides participants with an introduction to the fields of technical design and creative services. Upon successfully completing this program, Apprentice Designers are able to join the MiB creative team as project-based freelancers.

The program takes place over three months in two phases: Creative Training, which provides a foundational knowledge and skills for working in the creative industry; and Design Apprenticeship, which assesses proficiencies while also emphasizing professional development and workforce preparedness.

During the first phase, participants begin as Creative Trainees with 3-weeks of creative foundations during session 1, followed by 3-weeks of core training in a specified discipline* during session 2. Next, Creative Trainees will become Apprentice Designers and begin a 6-week capstone project, where they are mentored by industry leading creatives while working on a community benefits project. Apprentices receive a $600 stipend or incentive upon successful completion of the program. 


MiB was founded to provide meaningful creative opportunities for young people of color in Brownsville and Central Brooklyn. Historically, our community has been underrepresented in design and technology careers. In response to this challenge, we’ve created MiB CAP which focuses on 1) introducing young people to the creative industry, 2) ensuring that they are engaged and invested in their culture and communities, and 3) provide opportunities for professional development and economic mobility.

Submission Guidelines
Applications are now closed for the 2019 Spring CAP Cohorts. Applicants will be notified with decisions via email. If you were not able to apply and would like a chance to connect with us you can sign up below.

You can download a preview PDF of previous applications here:
You can view Frequently Asked Questions here.


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